Property Investors

Whether you’re an experienced property investor looking to extend your existing portfolio in Crete, Greece or you’re new to the property investing scene we’ve got you covered with some truly exceptional opportunities.

d Value Creation

We successfully transform property development opportunities into higher yields and margins. Our proven techniques allow us to achieve the maximum possible risk-adjusted return on all of our property development projects.

d Strategic Focus

We help investors identify the best areas in Chania and Rethymon for capital growth and high ROI. We can also assist private firms to apply Strategic Integrated Marketing Communication channels for their real estate projects.

My Place in Chania

Whether you are looking for a luxurious villa or any tourism related property in Crete, we can assist you. Our off-market listings include furnished apartemnts, detached houses, and a wide range of properties that can be transformed into hotels or rental assets, all in prime locations around Chania.

Property Investors - My Place in Chania

Property Buying Services


Realize the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights, professional valuations, market value assessments and appraisals.


Whether a Chania city centre apartment, a detached villa in Apokoronas or a large land plot in Platanias, we understand that different objectives will lead each property search.


Minimize risk and gain certainty. Be assured of impartiality. Achieve transparency with reliable and accurate reporting and sound advice from experts.


Make intelligent investment decisions armed with proprietary, up-to-date data analysis regarding Chania’s real estate market performance and future trends.


If you're on the hunt for a more efficient, sustainable place to live in Crete, Greece, a net-zero property may be the way to go.


Because, the decisions you make today define tomorrow’s value we provide comprehensive guidance on incisive, executable real estate strategies for both investors and buyers.


The basic concept of fair housing is that every person has the same fundamental right to purchase or occupy residential property in Chania, Crete.


Facilitate your decision making for your next real estate investment in Crete or determine your property’s next best use.

Tips & Advice

Property Investors in Crete - My Place in Chania
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Chania Property Market Reserach

Chania property market research work covers a wide range of projects and is as diverse as project development economic feasibility, rental income prognosis, business development strategy and investment advice.

Chanai Real Estate Investments Magazine - My Place in Chania


ARENCORES Magazine is a quarterly publication of ARENCORES. This source of information should be one of your digital destinations to discover the latest Chania real estate market trends and insights and one of the most inspirational sources to facilitate your decision-making.

Project Construction and Developmnet in Crete - My Place in Chania
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Construction Activity & Development in Crete

Design. Architecture. Civil Engineering. Interior. Construction. Landscape Architecture. Ecohousing. Market trends. Risks & Opportunities.


Greek Real Estate Data Sources and Research (REDS) covers those initiatives and concepts that build on the synergies of the Greek Property Law, Property Ownership, Real Estate Rights including the Hellenic Cadastre registration process. The guide also bridges the critical gaps in the associated liabilities of buyers, sellers and real estate investments with insightful paradigms and tips.

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